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The Many Indications of Using Synthetic Urine Synthetic urine is produced when inorganic or organic components such as phosphates, urea, chloride, sulfates, and creatinine are combined with water. There is a need for synthetic urine to be made in order for it to be used for the many purposes in laboratories. This product is just like the real human urine in terms of its chemical and physical properties; however, what makes it different from the real deal is its absence of any waste materials. This is the main reason why it is best to make use of synthetic urine in places that do not need the real one because of its innate threat of hygiene and infectious diseases. The following are just some of the many uses of synthetic urine, most of them being in the laboratory. The first reason why synthetic urine is used if for calibration of equipment. There are a number of equipment that must be used for testing urine in the laboratory, and the most effective way to properly calibrate them is with the use of synthetic urine. Because of the many factors that affect different compositions of urine from one person to another, it is best that synthetic urine be used when it comes to calibrating these urine testing equipment.
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Education is another reason wherein synthetic urine comes in handy. Using fake urine comes in handy when students are being trained to do some clinical experiments with the likes of urinalysis tests.
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Synthetic urine is also being used for a number of scientific purposes. Companies producing diapers have made synthetic urine beneficial for them when they do diaper testing. With synthetic urine, the company will be able to test the level of quality of their diapers. If there is a need to test for cleaning agents, synthetic urine can also be used. In order for salespeople and marketers to better prove how effective their cleaning product is in doing some cleaning, they make use of synthetic urine to show some demonstration. The cleaning agents being utilized in these demonstrations are for cleaning carpets and furniture. Despite synthetic urine not being recommended to be used internally, others still claim it to be an alternative medicine. Urine therapy is taken as an alternative medicine and as substitute, synthetic urine is being used instead. Passing drug tests is another common use of synthetic urine. Indeed, this is the most common use of synthetic urine. When it comes to synthetic urine, there is absence of any evidence of drug use, that is why a lot of people use them as substitute for their urine. Synthetic urine is sure to give you negative result in drug urine testing. Despite the rigorous training the laboratory professional has undergone, no amount of training of theirs can let them determine a hundred percent if the urine sample you have given is a synthetic one.