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Benefits of Medical Massage Therapy

Actually, you can help your body to have faster recovery by taking advantage of medical massage therapy. As a matter of fact, there are increasing number of doctors who are starting to prescribe medical massage as means to help the natural ability of the body to heal itself. They are doing this in an effort to avoid or minimize the prescription of high doses of pain medications and at times, can help as well in avoiding invasive surgeries.

As for anyone who wants to undergo relaxation as well as medical massage, it is important to have at least basic knowledge of their difference. Yes it’s true that both of these massages are offering medical benefits but the difference between these two is that, medical treatments are intended to relieve certain issues. You can call to set a relaxation massage at almost any beauty school, day spa or resort. There are numerous people who do enjoy the sessions they take to relax, relieve sore and aching muscles or improve their mood. A session will be applied to your whole body or to whatever part of your body that you have requested.

But when it comes to medical treatment, you will receive massage only to the affected part of your body. It is designed very specifically in treating illnesses or injuries. The treatment should be done only by experienced and qualified therapists and at the same time, prescribed by doctors.

Believe it or not, medical doctors are prescribing such treatment the same way how they prescribe medications. This is the type of treatment that is capable of reducing one’s dependence on meds. It is capable at the same time to relieve pain, relax muscle spasms and improve the blood flow. Well sometimes, one treatment is fine to enjoy all this but there are others who have to make repeat visits prior to experiencing the benefits that medical massage offers.

As a matter of fact, there are many uses for massage therapy and more uses are studied all the time. Some are meant to relieve chronic pain that is caused by pregnancy or illnesses, some helps with constipation or bloating, then again, others are helping people to get relief in injury after an accident. Patients who get treatments report that their mood improved while alleviating the pain they felt.

You however need to keep in mind that before you get such treatment, it needs to be prescribed by your doctor. The reason behind this is, massage therapists aren’t there to fix the problems you have, they’re there just to relieve it. For instance, heart problems may manifests in form of arm or back pain but if this is the case, a massage can be detrimental to your health, which is why a doctor’s prescription is a must.

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