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Utilizing Digital Marketing to Increase Sales

Surely this is a very big opportunity for friends, right? Have you started using SME’s to sell online? If not, it’s time to start using digital marketing and for those who are already using digital marketing channels. Has the media used today been effective? To what extent can this digital media increase the sales of SME friends? Let’s discuss what can be done to increase sales with digital marketing.

Use digital marketing media that suits your business and product
Maybe at first we were confused where to start selling first because currently there are so many choices that can be used to market our products in the online world. Before determining online digital marketing media, we must first understand the characteristics of the target market of our products. Take advantage of the easiest media to use and maybe we are one of those media users, such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Google Business.

If our target market is a Business to Business (B2B) company, such as a business providing seminar souvenirs or promotional bags, of course the media they use will be different from the bag business sold for retail. B2B businesses will be more effective using a website or Google Business because it looks more professional and reliable, while bags sold retail can use social media first.

Social media also varies. There must be SME friends who already have social media accounts and are used to using them, right? However, if we want to sell on social media, we recommend that we have a special business account and separate it from a personal account so that the buyer’s social trust increases and is more professional. If a personal account is our own home, a business account is our shop account so we can arrange the appearance neatly. If your personal account has many followers, you can do this by changing your personal account to a store account, or making the personal account an intermediary to introduce your store and personal branding. For those who are just starting to sell on social media, you can start from the media with the largest number of users but we also understand how to use it. The following is information about social media whose data can be information for us to make it easier to decide which social media is suitable for our business:

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