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A Guide to Using the Hosted PBX System

Running a business is something every firm owner or manager needs to make good decisions about. The services and goods you offer to your clients are supposed to be topnotch. Telephone systems are one of the most important aspects of any company or business. A good business decision involving telephone system procurement should focus on enhancing customer care and at the same time improving the business internal communication. An example of a wise business decision is the inclusion of a hosted PBX into the business communication infrastructure.

Hosted PBX is a service in telephone and communication that allows good management of calls. A business and the PBX provider agree on a fee which the business pays for the services. The hosted PBX provider in return manages call and telephone services for the business. One advantage with the PBX over the traditional call management services is that your business does not have to buy the hardware and software from the provider. Below we look at what you need to have before you get a hosted PBX in your firm.

The first thing you need to think about is the rates the different PBX providers charge for their services. It is common for hosted PBX providers to charge high fees, but you will find in the market good hosted PBX companies offering quality services. Charges for hosted PBX services can be made after a month of use or even after a few months of use. Owing to this, be sure to do your calculations and go for the option that best suits your financial situation.

During the installation process of the PBX, you may be required to get a temporary phone number if you already have an existing business call system. To get a temporary number, you only need to see your service provider and remember to state to them that the number is only for temporary use. All your business lines are then given to the PBX provider to be included in the hosted PBX system. Any numbers you leave out might be lost forever and this is why you need to be very careful.

Finally, you should provide your hosted PBX provider the instructions that will be needed for the customization of your call systems. The function of these instructions is to guide the caller and your employees during calls. Give instructions that are clear and easy to understand. The PBX provider is supposed to get instructions such as operating hours for the phone numbers linked to offices, emergency calls and numbers, call divert, call forwarding commands and buttons as well as how the calls made during off-days and hours are handled Your hosted PBX provider uses these instructions to customize your numbers.

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