Marketing: It Isn’t All Just Ads

Many people think of marketing as billboards, radio and television commercials, postal circulars and sideshow barkers, or paid surveys, presentations and events to targeted audiences.  This is understandable today, when many events come with corporate names and logos attached.  Some feel the time will come when Congressional sessions begin with tributes to companies that finance their election.

In fact, marketing is more substantive and meaningful than crass commercialization; it is a major force driving our society today.  It includes the collection and distribution of information that keeps us informed and aware of the most important news and events affecting daily life.  Effective marketing ranges from political decisionmakers to the youth who stay aware of popular entertainment and clothing styles among their peers at home and abroad.  Good marketing is how we who desire quality attire can obtain and use a king size direct coupon to acquire clothing that is attractive, comfortable and fits well.  The difficulties we who need unique sizes is hard for average citizen to imagine.  Having the proper fit isn’t the only concern.  Good clothing must be well-made, comfortable, durable, attractive and stylish.  That is why discriminating shoppers turn to King Size Direct when seeking quality wear that best suits them.  They can feel confident that the clothes from King Size Direct can best satisfy the most particular needs and desires.  And we can make our purchases at substantial savings when we use a Groupon coupon when shopping for clothing.  Not only can we find precisely what we want, but we also save substantial clothing costs by taking advantage of the deals available by using a Groupon coupon to buy from King Size Direct.

Satisfying the needs of the clientele and patrons of King Size Direct is one example of the way quality marketing extends far beyond advertising and sales.  It also assures that an essential need of the public is recognized and satisfied through research, study and production.  The diverse aspects of the marketing profession – research, information gathering, data collection, needs identification, product development and distribution and public awareness are all encompassed in the effort to meet the needs and desires.