Best Ways for Stopping Facebook Hacks In 2020

Millions of people daily use Facebook as the leading social network. Of course, other social media platforms are gaining momentum. We can say that more than a billion users made Facebook one of the most popular places for hanging and chatting.

We tend to log in to it daily by using numerous mobile devices, including laptops, computers, mobile phones, and office workstations; you may leave your login credentials. Imagine that you leave the Facebook account open without logging out.

It means that your account will become transparent to strangers, and that is a problematic breach that could affect your personal and work life. Therefore, you should find ways to prevent this particular access as soon as possible.

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We can differentiate numerous ways to prevent access to your account, and the best one is to avoid leaving the credentials and to always log out after the session.

The main problem lies in the idea that when someone steals your device or smartphone, you need to understand the steps that will help you handle everything.

Stay with us to learn more about improving the security on your Facebook account.

1.Generate Strong Password

The first and most important consideration is the strength of the password that you wish to use as the login credential. According to most statistics, it is much better to use a unique passcode that you are not using on other places and platforms.

Find ways to make it one of a kind, and avoid using the same pass for Gmail and other social media platform you are using.

The best way to change the password is by going to account settings. You will notice a general bracket, and when you get inside, you should click on a password to create a new one.

You should include the combination of capital and small letters with symbols and numbers to prevent an unnecessary breach.

2.Add the Mobile Number

We think that leaving personal information such as phone number means that we are giving our privacy to Facebook. However, the general rule is that you will be able to enhance overall security by doing so.

That is the first line of defense that will protect you in case you forget or lose the password you generated beforehand. You can use the SMS notifications, which will provide you the possibility to change the passcode.

If you wish to add the mobile number, we recommend you to reach the account settings, similarly as in the paragraph above. You will notice the bracket named mobile and add a phone. It is necessary to add the country as well as a mobile carrier beforehand.

The next step is to get instructions through SMS in the form of code so that you can confirm the number. As soon as you input the code into the column, you will secure your account in case something happens.

At the same time, you can decide whether you wish for the number to be transparent to friends or not. Decide based on your preferences. As soon as the need arises for it, you will be able to reactivate your account with a few steps.

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3.Login Approvals Are Essential

The best way to implement the additional security and safety is by applying the log in approvals. It means that Facebook will require you to enter the particular access code each time you decide to access the account from the unrecognized device.

If you wish to do it, you should go to account settings and look for the security category. Inside you will notice login approvals brackets and edit it. You just have to check the box for login approvals and continue.

We assume that you already registered the mobile number, which means that Facebook will send you a particular code through SMS so that you can confirm.

The idea is to set up the code generator application such as Google Authenticator, which will change the code every single minute for additional security. When you install the app, you should go to the Facebook account and add the code generator by synchronizing it together.

Now you will need to input the code for successful login, which will be on your mobile device.