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How Oral Health Can Be Affected By Your Diet

It is important to choose what we put in our mouth as they have a direct effect to our oral health. The aesthetic tongue rings and the lips rings also have direct interference with the oral health. Maintaining good and healthy diet will mean that we are going to have improved oral health as the food we eat have a direct correlation to the oral hygiene. The foods with a lot of sugars are the main cause of dental caries or the tooth decay together with other beverages that have acidic content thus eroding the enamel. You will notice formation of plaque as it forms on the teeth as a result of sugars that are left in our teeth after eating sugary foods.

The bacterial build up on the teeth produces acids as its waste products which destroy the enamel which is responsible for protecting the teeth. When the protective layer of the teeth is removed, the tooth of the tooth will be attacked by the acid thus leading to decay and bad breath. Gingivitis is one of the common effects of plaque and also there is a high possibility of having sensitive teeth or bleeding of the gum. Note that sugar is needed for our body to perform other functions but it is essential to choose the kind of foods and beverages that you are using that to have little sugars with the aim of keeping our teeth health. There exist natural sugars in the fruits and vegetables that we eat, but it is advisable to control the simple sugars that area available in beverages such as soft drinks, ice creams, and candies among other desserts.

Foods that area refined such as chips and pasta also contains sugars which are not good for our oral health thus then need to control how we use them. Such bacteria if they are left for long in our mouth without brushing, they are going to produce bacteria which is responsible for tooth decay. If you are fond of using the sticky or chewy food items, then you are likely to suffer from tooth decay as the sugars from such items will stick on the teeth and they will accumulate with time thus leading to erosion of the protective enamel on the tooth exposing the root to adverse effects. The sodas, wines and other beverages that area carbonated contains sugars and acids that can remove the protective enamel of the tooth leading to adverse effect to your oral health.

The sports drinks that are sued to add energy or to rejuvenate the person after a vigorous action contains acids which are not good for the teeth. Ensure that you are brushing your teeth on a regular basis to maintain your dental hygiene.

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