PR Trends for 2019

PR is constantly evolving and 2019 is bound to deliver PR and marketing challenges and solutions.

2018’s PR predictions recognised that the wider use of artificial intelligence and the rise of influencers to empower a brand would affect how PR and marketing agency specialists operated and reached consumers. Influencers still hold sway this year and AI will continue to gain greater interest. PR and marketing to a device requires a different approach than to the consumer. This challenge is being met confidently by PR agency teams.

At leading PR firms, including food and drink specialists Ceres PR, the professionals stay alert to trends and get ahead of them. They work hard to ensure that every viable PR channel is employed for maximum positivity and brand awareness, increased market share, profits and presence.

Three PR trends in 2019:

  1. Generating content which increases the probability of likes and shares online is the equivalent of good old-fashioned word of mouth. Consumers can become unofficial brand ambassadors as they discuss and recommend your brand or product with friends, family and colleagues. Brand storytelling is a primary tool; this delivers the brand message via a narrative. People enjoy stories, not being sold to, so the narrative engages emotions and creates the need to learn more. News updates, blog posts and information online can all be employed to spread your message and increase awareness 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, globally.
  2. In 2019 the focus is on listening and assessing consumer feedback, attitudes and identifying issues to resolve and strengthen the brand image. For example, if someone states online that they hate the amount of plastic packaging around the product and this is liked by a great number of consumers, it is worth considering whether any alterations could be made to help the environment and consumer satisfaction levels. Positive PR and marketing efforts, two way interaction with the consumers and the translation in to increased market share are welcome rewards.
  3. Cause marketing is a core area for attention this year. Consumers like brands to be authentic and responsible towards employees, the environment, the local and broader communities. PR agency teams know the power of taking a social or charitable cause and allying your brand with it. As you sell your services and goods, ensure that consumers know that you champion a cause. Make a positive difference in an area or cause that you care about locally, nationally or internationally.

Proactive PR and marketing efforts are far more efficient than reactive. Traditional media channels must still be considered rewarding so solely focusing on digital channels is not practical. Every consumer your brand needs to reach is utilising a range of media to learn about services and to make decisions about purchases.

If you’re managing your PR in house, please make the wise choice in 2019 to hire a PR agency that can deliver on your goals without the risk of over or underinvestment in target areas or of using the least effective channels. Work with PR and marketing specialists to secure maximum return on investment.