Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Coupons? This May Help

People That Have Used Extreme Coupons to Feed the Hungry

There are numerous ways individuals can think of to feed the hungry in the general public, Jesus of Nazareth performed a miracle by feeding thousands of individuals we can’t have the capacity to recreate this wonder yet we can make an approach to feed the hungry. Consider the possibility that you could feed 150 individuals with 20 dollars, individuals may likely spread this delight of feeding the hungry since it could be so cheap. Extreme couponing has been used in the United States by a few people to make money increase when they are feeding the poor.

Lauren puryear used to feed the poor from the donations she got as well as from her pocket money, she had a non-profit organization called ‘for the love of others’, the money she got in this organization was not enough to feed as many people as she wanted, but when she decided to adopt extreme couponing she is now able to feed more hungry people. Lauren had a goal of feeding 30000 people before her 30th birthday and she is almost achieving this since this September 2016 to march 2017 she has been able to feed 26000 people with only 500dollars. Lauren enrolled her friends and family in this activity, she spends only 5 to 1o hours weekly when snipping coupons to feed an extensive number of people in a month, since extreme couponing just takes a short span of time.

Other organizations have also taken up extreme couponing after noticing how Lauren was successful, an example of these organizations is southern branch of the New Jersey Food Bank in Atlantic city and The Touch feeding Ministry in Asbury run by Reverend William Williams III.

Jerry Ascione found out about extreme couponing in 2002 where he saw a coupon for Walgreens in a free classifieds paper which was costly than the item value, the stores policy was to pay the different when checking out. He had an idea that the money he would make from this, he would give it the homeless people. Jerry considers hunger to be a tremendous issue and needs to make a change about it, amid his extra time he drives around giving out food, water and even cash. Jerry belief in humanity has been great, he remembers a time when he gave someone food, and this person shared this food with someone else before eating that food

You additionally can feed poor people without being an extreme couponer, you can basically make a move and feed some individual who is in need and your life will never be the same again.