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The Importance of Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is a better, focused version of both the combination of AdWords Traffic Estimator and Google Keyword Tool, and which was created for new ad campaigns targeted to ad groups for pay per click advertisers. So, even if Google Keyword Planner is aimed in favor of advertisers, this software application can also be used as part of a search engine optimization strategy.

The importance of Google Keyword Planner’s features for SEO

SEO developers may use the search volume data of the Google Keyword Planner as a way of checking if the keyword used is making ranks or not, and if not, the developer may then use another keyword term to optimize the website’s content. The Google Keyword Planner’s cost per click provides SEO developers an idea as to how much business companies are willing to invest in the key search terms, which equates to good ranking value, as well as an increase in conversion rate for developing traffic in the website. Keyword data helps in giving an estimate of ranking better and in Google Keyword Planner, you are able to search for hyper-local search terms.

Using the Keyword Planner

Even if the Google Keyword Planner is free, but to access, you have to have an AdSense account, even if you do not have to create an ad campaign, such that once you log in, select “Tools and Analysis” to see the keyword planner, where you can search for the following: keywords, ad group ideas, enter keywords for estimates for searching on traffic rates or comparing one SEO term against another; and to use the Planner for SEO purposes, just click on that option.

Advantages of the Google Keyword Planner

By availing of the Keyword Planner capability, you gain the following access advantages: lets you search via keywords, such that the data will help you analyze which keyword terms are ranking well; you can enter a landing page, either your website or another, for you to learn which keywords are relevant to the page; lets you search by product category for you to see the data from thousands of keyword categories; and you can exclude or include keywords based on the cost per click or those that are already associated with your account, either on estimated monthly search volume. By allowing yourself to benefit from using the Keyword Planner, you are able to view keywords either as a grouped view, which refers to a keyword list, or a list view which is an equivalent to keyword niches.

Changing the keyword via the Google Keyword Planner

To effect a change of keyword term for the purpose of allowing your website to rank higher in the search engine results using the Google Keyword Planner, you have to access first into the AdWords account, and then take the SEO purposes option.

The advantage of Google Keyword Planner to Google Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Tool was intended to make it easy to select keywords for pay-for-click ad campaigns and strategically plan your ad campaigns, therefore, this tool basically favors more on improving your ads, as compared to Google Keyword Planner, which is favorable for strengthening the power of choosing the right keyword for website ranking purposes, using the Planner’s search volume data.