A Simple Solution for Distraction

Many people find they cannot sit still for any major length of time. Children in a classroom, travelers on a bus or flight, and professionals enduring long meetings are just a few examples of those who fidget. The mind wonders, they shift position in their seats, and cannot concentrate on what is being said or presented. They tap their fingers on the table, click a pen cap, or destroy half a dozen paper clips at morning meetings. The slightest noise, movement, or random thought distracts them from the task at hand. A simple device was invented in the 1990’s to help with distraction, but did not have mainstream success until this year. Simple Fidgets are the latest craze in gadgets. Originally designed to help children with autism or attention disorders, these toys are meant to provide tactile stimulation in order to improve visual attention.

Since the fidget spinner has exploded onto the market, debates and bans are fueling the sensation. Medical researchers and practitioners have yet to agree if the spinner actually improves concentration. Some schools are banning the spinners from the classroom because administrators claim they are disruptive and may prevent students from paying any attention to the teachers. People are posting opinions and stories regarding their experiences with the fidget spinner on social media. Videos demonstrating uses and tricks are popping up on YouTube daily, and the popularity of this toy/gadget/distraction aid is reaching epic proportions.

The basic design consists of two or three prongs that spin around a central bearing. Users hold the spinner in the middle and set it spinning with their other hand. Some can spin for a long time so users can still take notes and participate in group activities, depending on what that activity entails. The spinners are made of several materials, such as plastic, different metals, wood, or a combination. Variations include four to six prongs, blade shaped prongs, spinners that light up, and models that glow in the dark. A fidget cube is also available. Most spinners are inexpensive, which also adds to the popularity. They are durable, offered in many styles and colors, and can be used as promotional gift for businesses. Printing the name or logo on a spinner will ensure the business gets constant exposure because they will be used and seen by hundreds of people each day.