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The proper performance of the structures of the body is known as health. People like their body to be in good health at all times. People cannot be able to play their daily roles when having unhealthy body. The body can be unhealthy through factors such as ailments and injuries. Our body cannot stay without being attacked by ailments. It is known for the body to be infected by three main classes of diseases; viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. Diseases are mostly treatable by use of drugs. People are advised to see medics when ill for the diagnosis and treatment of ailments. Health of a person can deteriorate when inside or outside their home. Expect the unhealthy individuals to get many problems when outside their houses. The unhealthy ones cannot get a lot of difficulties when in their homes. People can use several kinds of home treatments to a number of health challenges. One of the kinds of health problem that can be remedied when at home is dehydration.

Dehydration is the condition of lack of water in the body. Hot the climate is known to bring about dehydration among individuals. People with dehydration problem are known to be drowsy and suffering from heachache. We can treat dehydration by taking water. A normal being is required to take eight glasses of water for health reasons. We have obesity as another class of home challenge that makes individuals suffer all times. The the condition of having extra calorie in the body is known as obesity. People with obesity find it hard to carry out various works in their life. Individuals who suffer from obesity are also known to be at risk of heart diseases. The remedy to obesity is doing exercises daily. Cholesterol is burnt by doing exercises thus lowering the weight of a person. There are many forms of exercises one can try such as jogging and lifting weights for health purposes.

We have cold as another category of health difficulty that makes individuals to be troubled when in their dwellings. Flu makes one to have a disturbing running nose and coughing. Individuals with common cold can treat their condition by use of honey and ginger. Honey and ginger are boiled in water to make a juice for treating flu. Headache is another class of home problem. One cannot concentrate when having an aching head. Individuals can cure a headache by massage method. Warm water is used when doing massage to relieve a headache. Individuals also suffer from impotency in their homes. The male self-esteem can be lowered by failure to satisfy their friend during that activity. It is possible to treat this problem by taking nutritious foods.

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